Fragments make one whole

It's been awhile since my last entry. We've had another marbling workshop since then at the Hive, this time with a clothing up-cycling theme. Again it was fully booked! No better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, what with all that warm, happy, creative buzz when you bring a whole bunch of people together, all passionate about textiles craft. Pictorial documentation of our happy day here!


I've been working on a small personal collection of limited one-offs.

'Fragments make one whole' is the theme for this collection, inspired by a quote from Anais Nin. 

"There are very few human beings who receive the truth, complete and staggering, by instant illumination. Most of them acquire it fragment by fragment, on a small scale, by successive developments, cellularly, like a laborious mosaic."

Somehow, that really struck a chord. The process is fragmented, like our experiences in life, but the teaching and final coming together, is illuminative. The way I envisage the collection is a patchwork of disparate, handcrafted elements, all coming together in their slightly fragmented rough-hewn, slightly imperfect way for a beauty that is ephemeral. 

This will be a capsule collection of classics utilising handcrafted fabrics, with marbling and shibori natural dyeing techniques, with some collaborative haute-couture embroidery! Very excited. The outcome should be precious. A sneak peek here with some pictures of the process...

Accordion-pleated shibori dyeing in madder root

Accordion-pleated shibori dyeing in madder root

Unravelling the shibori piece, always an exciting (sometimes fearful) moment!

Unravelling the shibori piece, always an exciting (sometimes fearful) moment!

On the marbling tray...

On the marbling tray...


Batik and indigo dyeing workshop in Vietnam

And so 2017 ended with a last-minute trip I made to Hanoi, Vietnam for a batik and indigo dyeing workshop!

indigo workshop.jpg

What better way there is to travel than with the objective of immersion in a local, textile craft.

The 2 days workshop in the high hills of Pa Co in the beautiful Mai Chau valley of Hoa Binh, 150km west of Hanoi, was a culturally immersive experience. Not least for the amazing fellow textile lovers that I met on this trip, what a bunch of passionate, inspiring, creative women! 

Check out the Textile Linker website for more details of the craft-based workshops that they organise in Vietnam. Really glad that there are locals like Nguyen with a real love of the crafts who is also passionate and knowledgeable about sustainable development. 

Last workshop in Hong Kong for 2017!

This is a bit of a belated post but I've been meaning to post pics from our last marbling workshop at Makerhive in HK! Again it was fully-booked and I was lucky enough to have the help of Ana, who co-hosted the event with me. It was such a joy to work alongside happy, creative, inspired people passionate about crafts. A very therapeutic 2 hours that was, full of artistic discoveries and surprises. The beauty of marbling is its accessibility as an art form. It never fails to amaze me what variety of prints we pull in each class, all different in their approaches to colour, composition and style!