Lotus-silk weaving in Inlelake, Myanmar

Finally gotten round to linking my Instagram account to this blog!

This was something I saw back in April this year whilst travelling in Myanmar that quite frankly, blew my mind away. Lotus silk weaving is unique to Myanmar. At Khit Sunn Yin Hand Weaving centre in the village of Innpawkhon, Inle Lake, they do a live demo of this craft and offer an amazing selection of silk and lotus-silk scarves for sale. Khit Sunn Yin is a 4th generation family business and by far one of the most established ones in the art of lotus silk. Got a silk + lotussilk mix scarf for around 40+ USD. A pure lotus silk scarf costs 75 USD.

The arduous task of extracting silk-like filaments from each lotus stalk to spin into weaving yarn is simply mind-blowing. Takes around 4000 lotus stalks to make 1 scarf!

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